The Black Book

Fifteenth Day of Nymph Moon, Year of the Knife
Carrier Hawk Memorandum from Loremaster Walaka
To Sir Sveinn of Hilltop, Paladin Emeritus of Toesch

Executive Summary, Incident 1108

Adept Perch, after performing admirably to mitigate earthquake damage in Tikram¹ , dispatched the team of agents comprising the Rashemi Belit, the Confessor Kahlan, the rogue Samael, the bard Allys, the ranger Arborealis, and the new agent, barbarian Felana, to continue Operation Library. (The evoker Nyro remains unwell and is resting with the injured).

The party proceeded forthwith to Salis in the foothills, where local authorities had reported² that the earthquake had uncovered a doorway to an ancient tomb. Investigation confirmed that it was the Tomb of Boredar mentioned in the T letter, and the party entered to retrieve the Object.

The party reported that it fought its way past deathtraps, lava pools, resistance from bearded devils, ogres (possibly constructs), and a destrachan, as well as interacting with what may have been a snow nymph, before encountering the objective. The object was retrieved without apparent ill-effect and is in the possession of the party.

Unconfirmed and unconfirmable reports of possible Corporation intervention attempts were included in initial field reports.

Detailed report sent under separate cover.

¹ Ref. LSSR General Intelligence Report 56.001.23
² Ref. LSSR Incident report 2205

Personal Note:

What a world we live in, old friend! Heady times, indeed, yet I begin to feel a little more confident. This new party exceed expectations - even the barbarian Felana, who might have a little more zeal than prudence - okay, a lot more - is being embraced by these adventurers, and I think their comradeship will benefit him highly.

The mission, of course, is at best half-completed. I have been reviewing the reports from the earthquake zone and I have a feeling we will soon be receiving messages from the very same piazza where both first tasted honeywine. Do you recall? At any rate, if this goes as well in the south as in the north, perhaps we will get out of this without too much damage and stay ahead of the damned Corporation once more.

By the way - although it is officially outside my purview, I have heard that the druid Kioska and paladin Thor are moving forward and prosecuting their charge effectively. I fear that there will be more blood on the tablelands before that side of the story is completely told.

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